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Face remover

This is one of several increasingly popular photo editor apps. This one is also pretty good. It has the very basics which include filters along with basic editing tools. What makes Bonfire a lot of fun, though, is the sheer number of filters that it supports. It comes with your usual stuff like black and white, HDR, etc but it also comes with some unique ones such as Fancy, a filter that turns your photos into watercolor. It does have some basic editing tools, like skin smoothing and blemish removal as well.

Photoeditor sky

This is a great photo editing app if you take a lot of selfies. It specializes in quick fixes and edits made to face and skin including a blemish remover, teeth whitening, a function to make eyes look brighter, reshaping tools, and, of course, plenty of filters to add some pizzazz. Most of the tools are one-click which makes all of it exceptionally easy to use as well. It’s one of the easier photo editor apps to use. The pro version is also relatively less expensive than most other photo editor apps.

Principle of work

Technical task

Joint development of documentation for your mobile application. We will propose possible solutions and form a detailed TOR.

Code Guarantee

Regardless of when a possible error in the mobile application is detected, it will be fixed free of charge.

Transfer of rights

At the end of the work, all rights to the developed software, source code and materials are transferred to the customer.

Publish a mobile app

If necessary, we will help to create developer accounts in application stores, prepare materials and publish the project.

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For a free consultation on any issues, leave your phone number or e-mail and we will call you back soon. To get an approximate estimate of the project by cost and timing, describe it in two words and we will contact you.

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